Beginners and Advance Vapers Can Find Something At Halo E-Cigs And Apollo E-Cigs

halo cigs review 019 Beginners and Advance Vapers Can Find Something At Halo E Cigs And Apollo E Cigs

With so many electronic cigarette brands nowadays, it is still rare to find brands that will satisfy both beginners and advance vapers needs. Leading brands such as V2 cigs and Blu cigs focus on helping people transition the easiest way, this is great, however how about those who are already vaping for long and are already bored and looking for more? On the other hand, there are brands like Vapor Zone that offers really advance and powerful E-cigarettes, however with the complexity of their E-cigs they are only limited to the advanced users market, how about the beginners? Is there a brand where both beginners and advance vapers can settle into? Because I, as a vaper don’t want to switch E-cig brands from time to time and for sure, many people are like me too.

Well actually, there are E-cig brands that offer E-cigarettes that can cater to both beginners and advanced users. Our favorite ones are Halo cigs and Apollo cigs. Both Halo cigs and Apollo cigs have a wide array of products that can cater for both beginners and advance user. What makes them standout is that they didn’t focus their level of starter kits base on the number of products included in it. They made full-pack starter kits that will have everything you need to start vaping and in different types of E-cigarettes. Check them out here plus some bonus coupon codes from our friends at

Halo E Cigs – Halo G6 and Halo Triton Tank Starter Kits

Halo offers two starter kits the Halo G6 and Halo Triton Tank. The Halo G6 is the cig-a-like type which the name implies, are made to look and feel exactly like a real cigarette making the transition much easier. It is the type of E-cigarette that other E-cig brands usually offer. The Halo G6 can produce decent amount of vapor and a nice throat hit that is not overwhelming and is just perfect for beginners. The Halo Triton Tank on the other hand is an eGo type of E-cigarette where it has a larger battery to last longer and a larger tank to hold more E-liquids. Its battery is also very powerful at 600mAh and is sure to produce really thick vapor and a fuller throat hit. The Halo triton tank is perfect for heavy smokers who loves to smoke for long hours, wants a more powerful performance and don’t mind carrying alargel E-cigarette just to achieve that.

Halo E-Cigs Coupons

Get 5% off Halo G6 Starter Kits
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Apollo E Cigs – Apollo Starter, Extreme, Superior eGo and Vtube Starter Kits

Apollo E-cigs offer four starter kits and each starter kits are awesomely leveled according to the type of vaper you are. The Standard Starter Kit is clearly for beginners with its cig-a-like type e-cigarette and a portable charging case included in the kit. The Extreme Starter kit are for beginners too but for beginners who are heavy smokers as the Extreme is also a cig-a-like type but its battery is more powerful at 300mAh and last longer at around 4hours. The Superior eGo kit like Halo Triton Tank, is an eGo type of E-cigarette. It also has a very powerful battery at 600mAh and has a clearomizer tank that can hold more E-liquid and is transparent so you can see how much E-liquid is left in the tank, unlike ordinary cartridges. Last but not the least is the Apollo Vtube Kit. The Vtube Kit is a powerful Vaporizer Pen that can give you an out of this world vaping experience. It produces really thick vapor and a very strong throat hit so these are for serial smokers. Furthermore, it has control options that lets you adjust the thickness of your vapor and the temperature of it so this requires more experience vapers.

Apollo E Cigs Coupon Codes

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Essential Wardrobe for Every Women – Vapor Couture Edition

Earlier this week. we’ve found some awesome Vapor Couture coupons at our friends at They’ve got Vapor couture coupons that can help you take off 15% in any Vapor couture starter kits and they even have 25% off all Vapor couture flavor cartridges. Check them out today and take advantage of the discount.

Vapor Couture is an electronic cigarette brand made exclusively for women. They have beautiful e-cigarette designs that women can mix and match with their outfits, they have sweet flavors that women we love and they have the sexiest electronic cigarette accessories around. Vapor Couture is a sister company of V2 cigs so you can expect the same power and quality that V2 cigs have with vapor Couture. The brand perfectly embodies that women of today. Fashionable and sophisticated yet very powerful.

Since Vapor couture is one of the must have fashion accessory of women smoker’s nowadays, we then wonder what are the other essential things that should be in every women’s wardrobe. So we did a study and came up with the list below. Check it out here and if your wardrobe is missing any essentials. It may be time for a shopping trip!

1. Designer Jeans – every women should have at least three pairs of denim jeans in their wardrobe that has great cuts that will surely highlight their curves. Jeans can be perfect for roughing it up or it can be paired with high heels and Vapor Couture in a Fluted Charm Necklace and you are in for an elegant but simple look.

2. Go-To Dress – Every woman should have a dress in her closet that’s flattering and easy to wear. Should have different types of dress such as shirt dress, maxi dress and of course the little black dress. Pair your dress with the Vapor Couture carry pouch (that can hold your Vapor couture E-cigs and still have room for your money, mobile phone and credit cards) and you are ready to party girl!

3. Classic Pumps – they say that an awesome shoes can take you into places and we agree with that. Classic pumps would do you great. It is a heel type shoe so you’ll get the elevation you need at the same time it is also very comfortable to wear.

4. Wide-Brimmed Hat – nothing looks more chic than a wide-brimmed chapeau, especially when paired with the right outfit. So get one now. It is perfect for the summer times but is not limited to that only as it can suit an office outfit well or can even be worn during winter.

5. Bold Accessories – a bold necklace or a pair of bold earrings is also a must have. Something like a pearl necklace, like what Caroline of Two Broke Girls always wear will add a spark to your outfit. Ladies should have at least 3 of them.

So do you have everything on the list? If yes, then congratulations, you are so fashionable girl. Add up a Vapor Couture in your overall look and you will get that extra sparkle wherever you go. Dont forget to use vapor couture discount codes when you buy one.

Money Saving Tips On Electronic Cigarettes

savemoney Money Saving Tips On Electronic Cigarettes

You’ll be surprise how many smokers out there would want to quit smoking and switch to electronic cigarettes because they’ve heard it will cut their smoking cost in half. It is said that one can save as much as $1200 by switching to E-cigarettes and of course, everybody want to do that. But here’s a more amazing fact that you may not know. The whole thing can even be cheaper! Here are a few money saving tips that you can utilize to save more.

Refill Cartridges

Vapers should definitely consider refilling their own cartridges rather than replacing it. It is so easy to refill your cartridge and it will cost a lot cheaper. A flavor cartridge can cost them around $2 each while an E-liquid can cost them just 60 cents. However, not all E-cigarette brands can be refilled and you should not try to refill it by any means if they are not meant to be refilled. For V2 cigs, Vaporzone and Halo users, lucky you because they offer e-liquids alongside their electronic cigarettes. You will find a massive selection of e-liquid on their website and what’s even better is that, because you are refilling your cartridge, you can mix and match the flavors to create your own custom blend flavor.

Shipping and Delivery

To save money on shipping and delivery, you should buy in bulk and just stock up. Also, if you are not rushing to get your E-cigarette products, dont choose the Priority delivery as it is more expensive, just wait for a few more days to save money. But most importantly, just look for E-cig brands that offer free shipping and delivery. There are brands out there that offers that so just find them.

E-cigarette Coupon Codes

Leading E-cigarette brands offer electronic cigarette coupon codes for their customers to use and get instant discounts of as much as 50% off. They share this e-cigarette coupon codes with their partners online as well as some E-cig review sites. One example of that is our friends at who has some great V2 cigs coupon, Blu cigs coupon, Vaporzone coupons, Halo cigs coupon etc. Most often than not, you can use these coupons as many times as you want (as long as they are not expired) and you can even use these in store wide sales or already sale items which further doubles the saving.

Recycling & Loyalty Programs

Many E-cigarette companies have loyalty programs that can get you free stuffs and some even have a recycling reward system for you. I really admire Green smoke recycling system where in you can send your empty Greensmoke cartridges back to them and you get points depending on how many the cartridges are. You can then use these points to get free stuffs like batteries, cartridges, accessories or more. On the other hand, V2 cigs has a great referral system called Smoke4Free where every time someone buys through your referral code, you get a $15 voucher that you can then spend on e-cig stuff.


Last but not the least is knowing the Warranty of the products. You can save a lot of money in repairs if your E-cigarettes have warranty. So make sure that you learn the warranty that the brand you are buying from offers and the conditions that goes with it.

Top 3 E-cigarette Brands You Should Get Plus E-cigarette Coupons From Them

2014.01.10 ecigologist 050 Top 3 E cigarette Brands You Should Get Plus E cigarette Coupons From Them

The electronic cigarette industry had really boomed in the past few years. Even with negative reactions from some government and health institutions, it’s no stopping the industry that offers a healthier alternative to smoking. From a few hundred million dollars in 2010, it went to a whooping 2 billion dollar industry last 2013. And this 2014 it is forecast to go bigger than 5 million dollars.

With a very lucrative market, it’s not surprising that so many businessmen wants to enter the market. It is easy and cheap for many businessmen to import from China batteries, atomizers and then mix up the liquids that go into the cartridges. Almost every week, there is a new E-cigarette brand in town and it’s getting harder and harder to know which one is the best. Luckily we are here to help you. Listed below is the top three E-cigarette brands on the market that we at would strongly recommend for everyone. Not only do they produce high quality E-cigarettes but they are also very affordable and they even offer electronic cigarette coupons for you to get their E-cig products in a discounted price.

V2 Cigs

According to, V2 cigs is the top selling E-cigarette brand online. Known for their high quality E-cigarettes, transparency on batch testing and ingredients use and superb customer service, they had become one of the most trusted E-cig brand around. There is no doubt that if you want a great vaping experience, you should not miss V2. They have awesome flavors like the V2 Red which taste like real Marlboro cigarettes, they produce thick vapor and they have lots of accessories that will spice up your vaping experience. Their starter kits ranges from $30-$117, it is already very affordable but you can get it at an even lower price using V2 cigs coupon code. The rule is simple. Simply click on the link of the coupons and copy paste the V2 coupon code and you’ll get instant discount in your purchase.

Green Smoke

Green smoke is one of the first E-cigarette brand around starting at the late 2000’s. They are well established and known for offering a top quality product and service. But most importantly, it is said that Greensmoke got the thickest vapor production and the most flavorful E-cig brand around because of their max flavor cartridges. Their loyalty program and the “exchange your blank cartridge for free products” is also one of the best points of the brand.

Blu eCigs

Now this is a company that is so popular that if you ask anyone who are not a vaper, Blu ecigs is probably the brand that they only know. They began small, but with major backers such as Sean Parker of Napster, Facebook fame and lots of celebrities using and endorsing it, the brand had grown so much that Lorillard, one of the biggest tobacco company in the US bought them and added more power in it. They do offer less flavors and less starter kits (ranging from $30-$90) that other E-cig brands, but what they offer is right on the dot. Another advantage of Blu ecigs are that their Blu ecigs disposables are available in almost all gas stations, groceries and supermarkets. Something that other E-cigs dont have.

It is strongly recommended that you go for established brands when choosing your E-cigarettes. So stick with the ones recommend above and you’ll never go wrong.

Runner Up: Apollo E-cigarettes

On the outside looking out is Apollo Cigs. Apollo E-cigs is one of the most overlooked E-cig brands but we might say that we are pretty impress with its performance and the price are very affordable too. Not to mention that they also offer coupon every time. Try Apollo cigs today and you will never be dissapointed.

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